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Looking for a serious relationship
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The Basics
  Age: 25   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Orwell Ohio United States
The Details
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About Me

Hey! Well you'll find out my name when we talk, but, I'm a nice easy going, sweet, emotional, caring, and shy guy. I am a big nerd, love messing around on my computer and playing games. I'm not much of a country boy even though I live on a small farm. Whoever I'm with, I try to put them first before anything.

When I'm in a relationship, I can be a little corny since I'm kinda like the "hopeless romantic" a little. What I mean is I love being by my partner, and making them feel like they're the most important thing in my life, cause they are, so long as I fall in love with them. I also try to do everything I can to make my partner happy, like giving random kisses, hugs, "I love yous" in speech, or leaving a little cute note somewhere they'll see it. I think physical contact is very important in a relationship, such as hugs/kisses, holding hands when we're out in public, and you must not be afraid to do a little quick peck in public, since thats all it is, a quick peck, nothing that'll freak anyone out.

I am sorta clingy, but, I just love being with my special someone, and wrapping my arms around them, making them smile, laugh, and feel protected by my caressing touch, and doing anything I possible can to make us fall more in love with each other.

I will never force anyone into doing something they're uncomfortable with or not ready to do yet. When you're ready, I'll be ready too.

Lastly, since I think its important to put this on here, sex is special to me, and should only be done by two people in love. I think it's very important that sexual interaction be in a relationship, but only if the two love each other, and plan to be together for a very long time!!
So with that said, I'm not looking for a one night stand or anything, so please don't contact me if that is your only interest, since I'm looking for a serious relationship.

What I'm Looking For

Well, what I'm looking for is someone thats faithful, honest, and trustworthy. Since, without those 3 standard things, I don't think a relationship will work too well. Along with that, just someone who is sweet, caring, emotional and likes some of the things I do. I'm pretty much fine with everything except "mudding" and things like that..

Read more in "About me" to get a better idea, and message me if we have some things in common!


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