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Looking For My Soul Mate...
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The Basics
  Age: 60   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Spokane Washington United States
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About Me

I'm a Christian with deeply held beliefs and while I don't attend church every single week, I feel it's important to have similar spiritual beliefs, in a long term relationship. I'm compassionate, with a heart for "charity." I believe In American exceptionalism, forgiveness and second chances. Pursuing aspirations and dreams. Leaving "it" better than I found it. A healthy lifestyle! Always trying to improve mind, body and spirit. Spicy food, taking life in stride, smelling the roses and working hard. Creating new bonds and memories with those we love! Sentimentalism, PDA's, communication, passion and standing for what we believe to be important! Confidence without arrogance, right and wrong, good vs. evil and without question, a meaningful legacy!
What turns me on is intelligence, confidence, a genuine persona, optimism and an outgoing personality. One who takes care of themselves, never hurts either. I believe..and have been told that I'm an excellent communicator and very much in touch with my feelings.

What I'm Looking For

I Love kids and if I may say so, am very good with them. I love long, passionate kisses and being touched and leaned on, by the one I love. I have huge appreciation for a quick wit, as well as subtle, even dry humor. Accompanied of course, by lots of belly laughs! I can definitely laugh at myself and at times enjoy being silly, while other times, I'm deep and intellectual. I'm always looking for fun. Even if it's sitting quietly, watching, thinking or reading. I'm not afraid of long distance relationships, because I have the time flexibility and means to travel where and when I like. I would hate to think I missed out on a beautiful relationship, simply because life has put us were we currently live. I believe the best romances, often come from great friendships. IMO, the best way for that to develop, is without the expectation that all relationships must begin or end in romance. If mutual enjoyment can be had from each others company, by doing things of mutual interest, the pressure is off. Genuine, deep friendships develop first, then, often can progress to romance. What say

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