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Just a chill fellow who'd like to meet someone!
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  Age: 24   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Castro Valley California United States
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About Me

Heya, my name is Corey!

I am a pretty chill guy and I have been called level-headed many times, as I usually don't get frustrated. Yes I, like other people, get annoyed at unnecessary things, but otherwise I'm generally calm and understanding.

Since I'm calm and pretty understanding, I'd guess that I would be a good listener and will always have open ears to whatever people will say.

I believe that humans as a whole should be nicer to one another. People should treat others with at least some respect and care. I almost want to say chivalrous, but then that may seem lame of me, but that wouldn't be too off of a word for me.

Lame is word that I'd understand if one were to call me that, as I would consider myself simply plain--in terms that I have never done drugs or alcohol before. I'm not totally abiding by anything but it's just a choice that I made because I prefer staying in control. I just don't want the chance that I may do or say something messed up. I accept that people smoke and drink and whatnot, but I just wouldn't do it myself.

I wish I could get out and do more social stuff, but other than the occasional movie at Hacienda, I usually don't get out much. I really would like to go out and do more social stuff but my friends are more indoorsy people, so ultimately I just have a lot of free time on my hands. I really want to change this!

Being open to new things, I am fairly acceptable to all sorts of stuff. This had lead to me to just commonly go with the flow of things and accept what usually happens. As I said earlier, I'm pretty chill and laid-back as I just see how things unfold and play through.

Although some of my friends might say that I get intense when I get into a zone, like tunnel vision on one things and just go bonkers over it. Not really intense in the sense of getting angry, but more of just getting really talkative and loud. Strange, but I guess it happens!

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What I'm Looking For

As for people I'm looking to meet, I would think that a person who respects everybody would be spectacular to meet, but that might seems simple and corny, but I think it still holds well to just treat everybody well.

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