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Looking for Prince Charming :)
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  Age: 24   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Indiana United States
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About Me

Well to start off my name is Samantha. I am Italian, Polish, Serbian, and Czechoslovakian. My birthday is February 23, 1993. I do have 10 piercing. I do drive, I have a 94’ ford ranger I love my truck no matter what. I have high hopes for my future.

My family and friends mean the world to me. I am very protective over them..

I am not your average girl. I am not afraid to get dirty and break a nail. So therefore on, my free time I go to the race track and drag race I have a 1984ta. I enjoy hanging with my friends and doing whatever. I go to the beach much more then I should. I do sports, I love being outside. I also like to mud. I love to mud and work on cars with my dad.

I am a pretty down to earth girl. I am very straight forward. I am a laid back person. I laugh and smile all the time and I love making people laugh. I love to try new things. I am the sweetest person you can meet. As my football coach told me One word to describe sam would be "sweet" as a lemon Think about that one

I hate the games, lying, and cheating it has happen to me so many times in the past I don’t do that. I do not need a little boy who will promise me the world and try and play games. Cheating is wrong, if you want to be with someone then leave the other person before you go and mess around. I want a honest guy who I can have a good times with.

I am the type of girlfriend that does not require money to be spent on me I am very happy with just sitting at home and watching a movie with my Man and spending time with him. I am the girl who likes to take care of my man when he is sick or after work, I love being there. I care about people much more then I should. I will do anything to help people out.

If you want to know anymore feel free to ask

What I'm Looking For

What i am looking for is friendship for now and to see if it can go farther. Which I do want it to go farther but i am in no rush.

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