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Doc Ejacula
Hi there.
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The Basics
  Age: 33   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Wisconsin United States
The Details
  Trendy, Stylish, Casual   Scruffy
  Clean Cut, Average
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Body Type:
  A few extra pounds, Thin
Eye Colour:
Hair Length:
  Medium, Very Short
About Me

Serious when needed, sometimes when not. I don't take life to seriously as I fear you only get to live it once. I've recently taken a renewed liking to the term live every day as if it were your last... now if only I weren't so lazy.

Sometimes I'm very eloquent and well spoken.
Other times .... not so much :) I swear like no other, but I do so with a hint of charm.

I like making words up... taking existing words and putting endings where they shouldn't be, I find a little chaos is needed for the world to go round.

I've been told to act my age as well as being thanked for being more thoughtful and intuitive than your dad.

I'm sarcastic sometimes witty, and if its funny I'll laugh at myself.
Nothing is off bounds to me most of the time... i guess it's all just context

I'm a nerd, a geek, what have you. Video Games/movies are my specialty. I feel I am getting points for 100% completion on this profile... lulz

Always trying to change myself for the better but i think im a pretty open minded decent dude.

I am pretty lazy in general, I like going out and doing stuff... but since my lungs took a dump on me years ago I just cant do a whole lot that would require me to use my herculean strength.
Since my lungs are all messed up I can't be as active as I want to be... they are getting better though. If you want to see some wicked scars ask me though :P

I'm where all the good guys are hiding... where are all the not evil women?

Oh, and I'm Batman.... which means my super powers are smart, ninja, and sex

What I'm Looking For

Someone who can be serious when needed but just as goofy as me. A nerd or nerd lover. I am one, I love video games movies, Batman because I am him.

You think im charming and want to get to know me?

You want to take some initiative? I don't know why guys have to be the only ones who do.

Youre ok not ever understanding someone 100% cause I don't get me most of the time.

If you smoke... deal breaker and I hate you... I am sorry but you smell like ass... and taste of it too....

I take that back I don't hate you.... but you still smell bad....


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