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What makes me unique is I'm myself at all times.
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  Age: 59   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Charlotte North Carolina United States
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  Clean Cut
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About Me

I am a man who love life and has every intention to live it fully. I have 2 favorite quotes: "Never be misunderstood", and "What goes around comes around". What makes me unique is I am myself at all times, regardless. I believe there are no victims in this world and that everyone is capable of creating everything their hearts desires. I don’t sit around and complain about all the things I don’t have. Instead I choose to see the beauty and the blessings around me, and allow the Universe to show me more ways I can love myself and others. What you see (inside and out) is what you get. I am true.

What I'm Looking For

I think true beauty is almost completely hidden from view, inside a soul, in a persons thoughts and dreams, in how much empathy and understanding they have nurtured inside themselves so I am looking for someone who is simply beautiful inside. Someone who can be in a moment with me for what that moment hold and to love my children as her own

I miss the companionship and warmth of that one woman who makes me light up at the sound of her name. Life is meant to spend with your best friend and great lover. I have a wide range of hobbies and like to try new things. I hope to meet my match but you can never have to many friends. Thanks for reading and have a great day


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