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  Age: 37   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Tennessee United States
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About Me

I'm a graduate in visual art in graphic design. I also studied psychology and want to get my masters to teach visual art @ university. Currently working full-time as delivery personel for a commercial building supplier.

My interests include: sketching, sculpting(various forms), printmaking, photography, etc.
I am also a skilled carpenter and a good cook.

Growing up I was troubled and had severe family issues to deal w/ almost all the time. Even still, I never did understand what makes us focus on the negative so much as we do. So, when i was still young, but old enough to begin deciphering life issues in my own person, I decided to pursue a life of searching.

I did not commit myself to searching for "the one." Nor did I commit myself to searching for salvation or a place to permanently call home. I simply committed myself to the search for the brighter side. Whatever that may be, I cannot tell. What I do know is that I am willing to accept whatever comes with it. Be it life or death; love or family.

I have never been married and do not know if I ever will be. There are plenty of people out there that never do engage in matrimony. There are a lot more, still, that do and find they have made a mistake. I do not want to be one of these people. Therefore, if I must remain unmarried to maintain any peace of mind that I have already accomplished for myself, so be it.

You know now a bit of what I am searching for. The brighter side of dating is you get to meet new and, sometimes, interesting people.

Things I like: I like it when it snows simply because one can see everything at night time, and that's frackin' beautiful; I like rain and the way it makes me feel with the cold mixed with it; I like sunshine, but only enough to keep me warm; I like smiles, but only ones that are true.

What I'm Looking For

lol, My headline used to say "looking for my applebee's." I saw this really funny movie called "couple's retreat." Near the end these two people are using applebee's in reference to their relationship. But this is more than that to them. It's not only their relationship together, but it's also what they've both wanted in their relationship with one another, which eventually brings them together again.

I'd like to find my Applebee's, but I'm not saying we gotta go there first :)

Casual Dinner date----->possibly a comedy show or something active. I'm not big on movie theaters, but I don't mind them. Movies are always an option, but I'd rather not on the first date. Sucks trying to get used to someone and get to know them a bit better when stuff's blowing up right in front of you, loudly ;p


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