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When it feels right...it's easy.
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  Age: 42   Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic   Location: Lake Jackson Texas United States
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  Clean Cut
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About Me

A little about me...
I am a simple man.The most influential people in my life have been:
My brother and my boss who is also my friend. I am molded into the man I am today because of their wisdom and direction. They help me not to settle for average in anything in life. What it takes to be a man, a father, and a leader. Morals are a huge part of ones character and keeps the soul clean. What I have learned from my previous relationships is that you cannot stop someone from cheating. No matter what you do it is impossible. All you can do is give that person your all and if it does happen then you can honestly say that you gave it your all even though it will devestate you. That is why I am not a jealous or over possesive person. If you want me you'll stay with me. If you have kids I will love them like my own and be part of their lives just so long as it is done the same. Not only will I have to win your heart but also the hearts of your children also it goes both ways. You want to learn more email me...

What am I looking for in a partner?
Someone who has the tenacity of making me think of them when I am not with them by being themselves and having a great sense of humor. I believe that in majority of life you must find the funny side of almost all things. Someone that knows what they want and not to play games and not to be timid.

I'd just like to add...
A few things that I am most passionate about: Art,movies, and music. It fills the soul that your heart and mind relate to. It expands your mind and majority of the time you can relate to it.

Looking forward to meeting new people and just want to take it slow. I dont want to play games nor any played toward me. All I can do is give you a chance as well as you doing the same and things will fall into place.


I have my act together. I have my own house a great paying job but if you are looking for Bill Gates skip to the next guy. I am what you are looking for...I am not arrogant just confident. There is a difference.

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What I'm Looking For

Well I am going to type the "corny" stuff that we are all subjected to filling out. I am looking for that special someone. And if it does not happen then the best outcome would to become friends. Nothing wrong with expanding your circle of friends. So you must be presentable, must have a great smile. You must also not be shy or timid. I like someone that speaks what is on their mind even though it might hurt.

You don't have to be a "10"...just have a great smile and a great sense of humor.


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