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um... what?
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  Age: 30   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Jacksonville, FL Florida United States
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About Me

Hey I'm Dan
I'm a laid back person in general. I'm in the navy which sucks but it has givin me insight into what I may want to do when I get out. um...I'm into any kind of music and I really like going to movies. I was born and raised in delaware then moved to charleston then pensacola now in jacksonville lol. Yay for the navy moving me out of delaware. I just moved out of my apartment I had with my exgirlfriend and into a place with one of my buddy.

I'm gonna be volunteering at the catty shack ranch which is a big cat rescue place.

I like to go fishing its relaxing and its like my church if I was christian lol. Plus you get dinner after your done lol.

I rarely play video games but when I do there is a possability ill be on all day lol.

Movies are the shit and I love going to them.

Music is to and I've been trying to go to a lot more concerts.

What I'm Looking For

I felt like making a list:
1. You're pretty. Pretty is relative and consists of not only looks but personality. You can have the body of a goddess and still not be pretty to me.
2. You have brown hair. All though I don't mind other hair colors. In truth I like multicolored hair.
3. You like what you see.
4. You like the Eagles. This actually has nothing to do with anything just my favorite foot ball team and the only one I try to watch normaly.
5. If your cool and fun to hangout with.
6. Your smart
7. Your into music.
8. You like movies. I love em.
9. Your funny. Everyone is funny at some point so this really doesn't need to be listed.
10. I don't know this is just to make an even ten.


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