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Hello,am new on here..can i meet someone here?
Online: 1593 days ago   Updated: 1593 days ago   Joined: 1593 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 62   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Texas United States
The Details
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  Yes - not living with me
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  Very Short, Short
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About Me

Although I was born and live in the United States, I consider myself to be a global citizen. This is the life style I have created for myself. I want to correspond with people all over the world, and learn of their culture and life style, their hopes and dreams for the future. We are all in this together. Its not about me or the United States against you. Its about me who is with you. Why do countries spend so much time teaching their young our differences? Why not teach them about the commonality we all share. I promise you, we have more in common with one another than we do differences. Not true you say? Is not your blood the color red... just like mine? Do we not share the same air?, the same planet? Do we not hug our children and want the best for them? Do we not both suffer and die? We have the same diseases, the same wants and hungers. People of the world, hear me. The fight is not on the battlefield, but within our own hearts. It's a fight against prejudice and ignorance. Let all of us, TOGETHER, join more than our hands. Lets join our hearts together and make this world a better place not only for ourselves, but for all humanity.
What I'm Looking For

well is hard to say,i think someone with reasonable sense,loving and understandable and have sense of humor too..and know what love is all about,am not here to meet the lil girls that are old enough to be my grand kids,am for the grown up woman that will can love and also be loved too,someone presentable,from a good background

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