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Hey there girls
Online: 1999 days ago   Updated: 1999 days ago   Joined: 1999 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 28   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Newfoundland Canada
The Details
Body Type:
  Stylish, Average
Eye Colour:
  None but want some soon, None
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Sexual Orientation:
  Gay, Bisexual
About Me

I'm 22 , i love partying and getting to know people & meeting new people. i enjoy music,i even write my own songs and poetry.I love to listen to music of my favorite artists and see there pain in there voice of the songs it makes me admire them more. if your a true music fan like myself i guess you would do that from the first album to there last and maybe perhaps read there biography's and go more into depth in what there all about,and sometimes i do that.Hoping someday to pursue a career in it . ♥. I'm a passionate person,you'll also see that in my words when i speak,i'm very open minded to things ,When i get the motivation to write that's it i start to write it down and let my mind flow to the pen to the paper. I can be a talker,but at times you'll get me where i have nothing to say,and its impossible to change the way my mind works,if i think something or want something im going to strive to get it. Im a positive person,my way of letting my negative energy out is write. I love making people smile,and i enjoy making them laugh.I'll talk to anyone if they will talk to me,I have my weak moments but most times i try to stay strong for others.
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