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Looking for my other half :)
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  Age: 28   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Cleveland Ohio United States
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About Me

Im 20 years old, about to be 21 in April. Im a fulltime student and I work part time. I am going into Medicine, and its always been my dream. I have my priorities straight. I make my own money and pay my own bills. I do live at home still, but with being in school, Im not looking to move out right now. I like to hang out with my friends. Im very laid back and down to Earth. Im usually chill or relaxed. Im not some wild girl that parties everyday. I have better things to do. Im very caring, honest, considerate, faithful, and kind. I believe that honesty and communication are very important in a relationship. Im the type of person that likes to talk things out, so if something is bothering me, I want to address it, rather than sweep it under the rug. Im not into drama or anything like that. I dont lie or cheat, and I would never do somebody wrong. Im a very nice person, and I try to help anyone out when I can. I always try to have a positive attitude. Being negative all the time gets you no where. I have learned so much this far in my life, and Im just doing what I have to do to better myself. I just wish I had that special someone. I know I can make a guy happy, and Im hoping there is someone out there that can make me happy.
What I'm Looking For

Im looking for primarily a white guy, between 20 and 24. Im not into dating guys that are old enough to be my dad. I would like a guy that has something going for himself. A guy that is responsible and knows what he wants in life. Im not interested in guys who have kids. No disrespect, but I just dont want to deal with the "baby mama drama" and Im not looking to be a mother to someone else's child. I would like a genuine guy who is caring, kind, trustworthy, honest, and open. I like a guy that can hold a conversation, and make me smile =) Just getting those "good morning" texts or a little note on my car is enough to make my day. I appreciate the little things. All in all, I just want a good guy that can make me happy. They say good things come to those who wait, but I have yet to believe that is true.

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