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Looking for that right woman
Online: 480 days ago   Updated: 545 days ago   Joined: 545 days ago
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  Age: 42   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Orange Virginia United States
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  A few extra pounds
  Clean Cut
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About Me

Well I know most of you don't know me.. .But hopefully soon that you would get the chance to talk with me and see you're self in who I am.. .Well let me start off by saying my name is Daniel... .But you're welcome to call me Danny if you like.. .That's what most of my family and friends calls me buy.. .I know some of you may wonder who I am.. .Well let me give you a small description of who I am.. So you may know who you're talking with .Well I'm what you call an old Fashion southerner..And yes ladies I'm a real gentlemen as well ...Well if you like to know where I come from... I'm from a small Farming community here in Central Virginia.. I've been living here almost haft my life now... My hole family is from here.. .I just live a simple lifestyle with out any drama no I never been married or I don't have any crazy exes.. .I been single for a good while now.. So if you like to know yes I'm a pretty good decent guy once you get to know me.. .I'm the kind of guy who isn't afraid of little hard work ...And some of you may wonder yes I'm 100% Independent.. .And yes I can Definitely handle myself pretty well Ladies.. . I know some of you ladies out here who have small or older Children... I just want you to know is that I am very Excellent when it comes to children.. .See I may not have any of my own... But I do know when it comes to kids.. . I'm a great Role model to my little nieces and my little nephew.. And I know I can be one with yours as well.. . I know some of you may be wondering yes I'm a family man.. .I know how to take care of my own family when they need me be there for them ...I don't run off ...like most people do.. .I do stick around and take care of my Responsibility like a real man should do ... Well I know some of you may wonder... Yes ladies I'm some-one you can trust to have a pretty good decent time with ...So if you like to do thing together that would be great.. .I would like to try new things together ... But all then that Laddies... I do got a pretty good Sense of humor so I can take a joke pretty good ... .I'm real easy to talk with... And some-one who you can get along with pretty good.. .There is so much I want to tell you on here but I think it would be more fun for us ..If we can learn from each other by just getting to know who we are .So if you're still Interested to learn more about me... All you got to do is drop on by and let's chat who knows you just maybe surprised to know who I am.. And I know I would be surprised to know who you are as well ...So lets get to know each other and let's see what happens
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What I'm Looking For

Well Ladies I've been single for a good while now ...It's pretty hard to find some-one who you can trust to be with and yes I did had some pretty rough relationships in the past ... So I know there are some good woman out there who want's a good decent man to treat her right ... I would like to finally meet some-one who isn't afraid of being committed to each other ...Some-one who knows how to make a relationship work ...Some-one who knows what being honest and faithful towards each other is ..That's all in looking for in a good woman ... I'm not asking we should jump right in a relationship right away ..See I would like to take our time and start of as really good friends and see what happens and go from their ... So ladies if your looking for a good man who knows how to treat you right and not use you like a door-mat and especially not treat you like a piece of meat ..Well I would love to hear from you .

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