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Hi I hope you like what you read, If so message me
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The Basics
  Age: 43   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Portland Oregon United States
The Details
  Yes - living with me
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Sexual Orientation:
  Straight, Bisexual
About Me

I am a certified welder in between jobs. I moved back to Oregon from Kentucky a few months ago looking for a refreshing change of life. I have a 17 year old who lives with me, a 15 yr old back in Kentucky so he could be with his girl friend and the child that will be in this world soon. I am currently the caregiver of both my parents who find it difficult to get around due to their poor health and disabilities. I am not a heavy drinker, but do enjoy beer while being out. I don't like drinking at home. I never liked bringing that around my children. And I love playing pool. I try to get out at least every other weekend. I have been excepted into the Boilermaker apprenticeship program but I am on a waiting list until my number is called. I am 5 ft tall, 138 lbs, red hair, green eyes, and I love people. I had a true mate 8 years ago who is no longer here, he passed, but he was 20 yrs my senior. I didn't have to train, he actually showed me a thing or 2 and I loved it.
What I'm Looking For

I am looking for someone who wouldn't lie to me at all. I am extremely honest about my life, he person I am seeing should be as well. I am looking for a non drug user unless prescribed by their doc's. A social drinker who would not mind keeping alcohol away from my family. I need someone who is romantic at times but also very sexually open minded. Someone who would keep our sex life to them selves, and always be respectful in public. I would like someone who wouldn't raise their voice in front of people but is willing to take an issue up in another room away from ears. Some one who is non violent ever. Basically I want someone willing to give me the stars. I don't like spending lots of money, I would rather enjoy a quiet evening breathing in all thy have to give. I am looking for men who are 5'9 and up. also who are 34-55. I have had great experiences with Libra's, but they always, I mean 100% always have ended badly. So please all Libra's ignore me. sorry

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