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A Little Excitement never hurt anyone.....much.
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  Age: 39   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: 89131 Nevada United States
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About Me

Well aside from being ridiculously good looking, I have been told I am a funny, cheesy, gentle and a warm individual. Yet I can come off as very stubborn, cold, rude, and demanding. Unfortunately you have brave the worse to get to the best. I’m also at times a walking, talking contradiction. It’s mostly because I hate having to choose. I like so many things in life that to choose a side seems unfair to me. I believe honesty is the most respect you can show anybody. Once my trust is broken it’s a long hard road to get it back. I tend to be very accepting of people and their vices, but I expect them to respect mine as well. I don’t judge anyone for drinking, smoking, or even doing pot, so don’t judge me because I don’t. I can have just as much fun as anyone else without the help of some sort of stimulant; in fact I prolly have more fun because I can remember it all in the morning, and don’t feel fat for eating a bunch of food I normally wouldn’t have eaten.

I’m a very visual person. I typically see more than most people. When something catches my eye I tend to watch and dissect it to see what makes it stand out. In my career I design many things. I started as just a fantasy artist drawing mythical things. I became a graphic designer later, and found it only partially satisfying. I moved my interest to animation and feel I have found something I can continually do and constantly get gratification from it. To me it goes beyond creativity. Not only do I have to concept the idea, but then I have to make it work. So in a sense I create the problem, then get to solve it, and the outcome is art in motion.

I am DARK(not Black), Sinister, and kinda cooky

What I'm Looking For

Well I have lived here most of my life and along with that have lived around the same people. Sooo...I’m looking to meet new interesting and fun people I could call friend. I dont do drugs, and I wont judge you if you do, just dont expect me to be okay with it if you intend to do it on my presence. I drink socially. I never felt the need to get drunk and fail to see any benefit of doing so, therefore never will. If you like to drink thats fine. Have fun with it! I wont mind at all. When it comes to relationships its very hard for me to be in one. I find myself getting bored with people pretty fast. Dont take it to heart, its not you...its me...

Well if that hasnt scared you away then we may me able to ROCK this!


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