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Where, oh where is my Rocker Man?
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  Age: 46   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Texas United States
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About Me

This is a work in progress so bear with me....

I've been divorced for 2 years and am trying to get back into dating. I've been on a few sites, but so far I've not yet found what, or who, I am looking for.

A little about me ~ I'm loyal, friendly, non-judgemental, sarcastic, strong, opinionated and fairly laid back. What I am not is a doormat or a flake.

Hobbies and interestes include writing, traveling, amusement parks, the zoo, The Dallas World Aquarium, rock/metal music (Motley Crue and Steel Panther are my favorites), horror and comedy flicks.

And I guess I should add that I'm a BBW. I guess some men find that extremely important.

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What I'm Looking For

I would like to meet someone with the same relationship goals as myself, and that would be working toward something more meaningful than just friends with benefits. I'm so over the FWB situation. It leaves me feeling empty, hollow and lonely. I think it goes without saying, but I'll make it perfectly clear anyway.....I DO NOT WANT A FRIEND WITH BENEFITS. I want to meet someone who enjoys getting out of the house and having fun, someone that I can call or text just to talk to and someone who I can spend time with as a friend and more.

I'm looking for a man who can accept me for me, faults and all. I'm not perfect and I'll be the first one to admit it.

I DO NOT want a long distance relationship. I'm not looking to cam or text or message. It's important for me that you are here, fairly close by that we can see each other and do things together.

It is important that you like animals too, or at the very least, like dogs. I will not get rid of my dogs for you, so don't ask. I'll get rid of you instead. The dogs come with me. We're an inseparable package.

I love creative men ~ musicians, writers, photographers, etc. That's such a huge attraction. I like men who have aspirations and goals, dreams and visions. That's something that will keep me interested. I would love to meet a man who shares common interests with me. Again, I assume that would be a no brainer.

Sense of humor is VERY important, especially a sense of humor that's full of sarcasm and cynicism. If you can find humor in non-politically correct jokes, then that's an even bigger plus.

Your political stance and religious beliefs aren't that important to me. As long as you're not sacrificing goats, chickens, virgins or anything else living, in your backyard, then we're all good.

Without attraction, we are nothing more than friends.
Physical attraction is also a big part of this. We all want someone we find attractive, admitted or not. I prefer a "bad boy" look rather than a clean cut, golf shirt and docker look. Tattoos, piercings, long hair....all very sexy and a major turn on. I'm very, very picky. I want butterflies. I deserve to feel butterflies and to have what I want as well as be treated well and with respect in return. If your idea of an ideal weekend is sitting on the couch in your underwear, watching Nascar, drinking beer, burping and farting, then please pass me by.

I hope that you've found my profile informative and entertaining. =) If you feel you fit what I'm looking for, feel free to hit me up.


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