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Lots of Reasons to Smile!
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  Age: 61   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Douglasville Georgia United States
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About Me

I am placing an age limit here.... no one over the age of 86!

I mean it this time !!

Sorry "Cougars", I'm sorry to break your heart.

Please step away from the edge of the roof Lady!

It's not worth it!!!

Thank you for stopping by.... please just sit there for a little while 'cause this is not your average profile nor am I your average man.

Yes, go ahead and put your hands in your lap now!...thank you.

Recently, I decided to slow things done in my business life and invest some quality time looking for just one special lady. I am looking to be a witness to the moments in her life. Even though she may already have a wonderfully content life, how much more the significance when there is a loving, supportive man there to witness it all.

I am a kind, gentle spirited, openly honest, fun-loving, and adventurous man. Friendly and gregarious by nature, you'll never have a dull moment with me...(Always looking for fun and laughter.)

As a matter of fact, I am on a quest to find fun and laughter! It seems that someone left the door open, and they got away! They were last seen running down the street called, "Lonely". I have a feeling that they could be found again on the street called "Our first date". How about we meet there and see if we can find them again!

You'll soon discover that I am emotionally available when you demonstrate a genuine interest in getting better acquainted. All I ask is to match my interest level.

DISCLAIMER: I am not arrogant in any fashion of the word. It is important to both of us that I disclose myself as best as possible in this medium so we will not experience a "not so attractive ROI" (Return on Investment). So to give you better insight into my character and point of view, here is a sample of my cultivated qualities:

Self driven, well educated, intelligent, mature, Good Hearted, emotionally transparent, funny, creative, witty, intuitive, musically accomplished, athletic, handsome, and a man of integrity who is open to an opportunity of friendship, companionship and love. Gosh, this is beginning to look like a resume!

Well with that said, here's something for you to ponder...Never judge a cover by its book!

Someone remarked, "You seem to be one of those finer things in life." Alright, but there is a side to me that you don't see in my pix. If you think, "Well, I need a 'REAL' man." Allow me to list a few of my "manly" accomplishments:

I have been lead cowboy on horseback for numerous open range cattle drives.
Actively participated in several rattlesnake roundups.
Rebuilt 3 truck engines.
Remodeled 27 (gutted) houses (so far).
Own my own tools and can fix anything!
Rescued a wounded fellow soldier while I was serving in the military and received a medal.
And personally delivered 3 of my own children!!

Is that "man" enough for ya! (Ok, stepping off my soap box.)

(Stepping back up) It's not what a man does that makes him a man, it's what he does when no one is watching!

To give you an idea of my romantic nature,I love lying on my hammock at night and gazing into the stars wondering how life is on other planets. "Do men open car doors for their significant other on other planets?" "Do they take out the garbage to the curb every Tuesday on other planets?" "And is a gallon of milk more expensive than gas on other planets?"....and other pondering questions.

Here's what makes me smile from the inside out-

Watching the flames in the fireplace dance while listening to my favorite Nora Jones tunes just to see if they ever synchronize to the tempo.

Smiling when I hear children laugh and play.

Making others around me laugh.

Slow dancing with socked feet on while cooking or cleaning up in the kitchen.

Firm believer in multiple 10 second kisses and hugs that say "I care about you."

I was raised by a gracious woman full of wisdom who had the foresight and patience to train me at a young age in the art of Chivalry. (In case you are not familiar with the term or concept: How a gentleman shows respect to a Lady...opening doors, offering his hand in assistance, helping her with her coat, being polite, preferring her as his cherished and valued woman, and demonstrating his attentiveness in a respectful manner.)

*Please Note: I will not lie to you! I speak truth in the attitude of humility. Without complete honesty even the best relationship will crumble! For me it is best when I admit to things in the attitude of humility.

If you do not love truth and transparency, I am not the right man for you.

I am a Christian man who lives the abundant life now that Jesus promised!!

I actively demonstrate a life evident of God's forgiveness, goodness, and compassion for others! For I have personally experienced His love for me in very intimate ways. Ask about my story later!

Therefore, if you are looking for a man of integrity who is transparent and trustworthy... I am that man you have searched for!

I am fearless because I have dealt with my Dragons. Have you dealt with yours?

*OMG, please give up the "Half filled glass" bit...Heck, if my glass becomes half empty, I toss it out and go get another full one!! Remember, I indeed seek fun and laughter!

Some strengths: Able to create business opportunities for others from the cues of the market's demands.

Highly creative and imaginative. Graduated college ,top of class, degrees in Music and Theater.

I write and direct children's musicals as a hobby. I can't help it. Yes, my cousin really is "Barney"! For real!

Very communicative, and in touch with my feelings.

As an avid ballroom dancer, I am athletic w/ good stamina and in great shape!

Financially stable (did you catch that one?)

Although this may all sound "wonderful", I do have a couple of minor dinks in my armor!

One being my birth month noted above...I am a Piscean, not a Capricorn! I noticed the error after the fact...2/25! Too late to change it now. So there, a fine example of humility and openness to admit my fault and take responsibility for it. How many men do you know who will do that?!!

I know we all have been hurt somehow, but let's agree to not make the next special person that comes along pay for the last one's sins!br/

What I'm Looking For

IF I told you exactly what you wanted, you'd faint... so better sit down! You see cause I get it!
*ROMANCE *TO share BEAUTY *To be in an irreplaceable role of a great adventure! (I read the book!)
Ya know something else?. I've recently fantasized something about how I would respond when I finally met my Princess.
I know she will absolutely love the slow Kisses.
Of course as fate has it, I will need to start attending the "KA" meeting... Kiss-aholics Anonymous meeting, silly! Thought everyone knew that one!
"Hi, my name is DancedaLot, and I'm a Kiss-aholic."
* Please hear me, I apologize for saying this. However, it does seem to be necessary for me to speak up.
Seems to be a torrent of "Sneaky Snakes in the Grass". I had nothing to do with this...Blame the Snakes...not me!
So when the "Good Guys" come along, they get the flack and what is left over from the fallout with the last man...Please! (stepping off my soap box again.)

And one more thing here since I am still on my soapbox...Read twice please.
"All relationships can only rise to the level of the least interested party!"
* I do best in a committed monogamous relationship. I desire to feel connected to one and only one. I am looking for a healthy, flourishing relationship with only one special Princess. So follow me.

MOTTO I LIVE BY: Life is too short to be anything but happy. So.... kiss slowly, love deeply, forgive quickly, take chances, give everything, have no regrets and forget the bad in the past. Just remember what all it has taught you and made you today!


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