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Herro ^_^
Online: 2139 days ago   Updated: 2139 days ago   Joined: 2139 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 24   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Washington United States
The Details
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  Occaisional smoker
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  Very Short
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About Me

I am a listener more than a speaker, but you learn more by listening ^_^, I am shy when people first get to know me, but thats just me. I am probably considered by alot of people to be quite a strange individual, I swear, I sometimes lie, and I drink and smoke on occasion. but I wont hide it, because I am only a human. I am far from pious, but I am very prudent and respect people's opinions and people who respect me.

I have knowledge on a wide variety of things, I have a million hobbies, and I am a risk taker, Im not originally from helena, I actually live in north-east washington, I log for work, I'm not sure what else I can talk about haha, oh I play online games alot, mostly because Im already on my computer programming/security pen testing and have nothing better to do because I am always at school :P gah

I am a lover of the outdoors, I hunt, fish, and hike. I'm not a normal person though haha, I usually go out hiking and camping with a 60lb alice pack and a gun or two and my ghillie suit, but thats just one of my hobby type things to do when I'm bored. I currently go to college, but thats kinda blah, Some of my other hobbies are mechanics and programming, and collecting antiques. I take long aimless walks around town, I love hard questions and talking about philosophy. I am not a religious person, I hate talking about religion because of all the stereotypes. I listen to alot of different music, not much country, but pretty much everything else.

What I'm Looking For

Someone who is chill, but down to earth, someone who doesnt mind the outdoors, I just want someone who is caring and is sympathetic and compassionate but fun too.

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