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Someone Your Without
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  Age: 42   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Madison Wisconsin United States
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About Me

So another year start off the same with hopes for something different and more. Some how it seems like Im living the movie groundhog day over and over without that special someone. Without her laugh or smile to the adventure we both take and explore lifes ideal along the way. But along time ago life took a different turn and been shy almost all my life and and hide behind the tears and covered them up with humor and some adventures along the way. Learn to live without it all from HS till now and even you till you show me that pass both of are reflections. So one must ask what has kept me away from you was time, but through me was a lot of movies and music to a few concerts, live sporting events, abit of the outdoor (hunting /fishing). As for adventures did some traveling around world without you already to Alaska, Hawaii and a few Islands, but took more of turn and did extreme stuff like skydiving, bungee jump and white water rafted just say Ha look something you never never thought I would do.

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What I'm Looking For

We all see are dream date in the mirror as are very own playboy image not only by looks, words, humor but by how they are just themself. I do like longer hair on girls so bonus points for that maybe that makes me old fashion that way. Ok there might be plenty that I dont know about dating and how its all supposed to go or turn out but a chance is better then none. Share that adventure and travel the world but at times laugh till it hurts even if we cry together. What you seen behind my ice blue reflections I hope is enough to make you smile, maybe laugh or even ask me out.

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