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Who down to hang out at Golfland?
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  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: California United States
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About Me

Guess I should start with saying hi. The names Anthony, or Antman, Mr. Turner if you’re my friend but your not so you can't call me that but that makes you want to be my friend even more doest it!? I live in the boring city of Sunnyvale. And when I mean boring I mean boring. Unlike most city/towns we don’t have a mall or a shopping center. I guess the coolest thing around is the Golf land. I love that place. I used to go there ever weekend and play in the arcade. But recently they have turned into DAVE N BUSTERS and use cards now instead of coins.I still try to go there when I can and beat my friends in DDR MAX and MARIO KART! I’m still convinced that Sunnyvale is the town that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is named after (Sunnydale).

School is and has been a real journey for me. I was enrolled in De Anza College but a freshmen year full of “F’s” didn’t go over well with the school and I was placed on probation. Now I know what your thinking but I’m no “Bad boy” Just had the freshmen blues and took to many classes and not the right ones for my freshmen year of college. After that whole deal I took some classes to bring my GPA up but they only allowed me to take one class at a time. REALLY!? I mean it’s my money why can’t I take as many classes as I want. Anyways I left De Anza and right looking at Mission College.

I'm studying Psychology and I love it. When I tell people that's what I'm studying they automatically get all defensive and say "Oh so your going to analyzed me now huh!" That is not the case at all because I have already analyzed you! lol But really I'm not trying to tell people what to do. I give my advice and it's up to them to do what they want with it. I'm trying to get a internship at my old high school as a counselors assistant.

Now that you know about my lack of educationally disciple maybe I should tell you a little more about what I like to do on my free time, Which is mostly all the time. Not having a job helps. Yes girl/guy Yes person that’s looking at this sitting in there chair sipping a star bucks coffee, I’m loser deal with it. I loooooove being nerdy. Now people say to me a lot “What! Anthony you don’t look like a nerd?” Well I I’m and proud of it. From ANIME to Video Games. Movies and TV I ‘am a nerd. It's pretty damn awesome and it makes your chances of any girl having interest in you 0. Great right! Now that’s not true I know plenty of girls that love this stuff too. I’m really into reality TV show like, Survivor, MADE, and Silent library. I’m always trying to find and go to auditions for shows like that. But so far no dice.

What I'm Looking For

“SO why the hell are you on this site!?” you ask? The truth is I’m emo and looking for good and fun people to hangout with. What’s the word???? Oh yeah friends. I’m looking for friends. Most of my friends moved away or just plan stopped talking to me after high school. I still have a few close friends, but I would love to have more. Wow you actually read allllllll of this? Impressive. So if you think you can handle an hour long conversation that involves Spiderman, hanging out at gold land or sitting around playing Mario kart (I’m Donkey Kong) or my favorite walking around the mall looking at things I can’t buy Then message me!

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