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Lonely boy!
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  Age: 35   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Malone Wisconsin United States
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  Very Short
About Me

Hi, I'm Dan, at this point I am just looking for a very good friend that will turn into something more. I am someone who is willing to do anything once as long as I have the right company. What I'm down for, I was a boy scout until I was eighteen so outdoors stuff won't phase me, all the way to crazy parties in big cities like Chicago or Orlando!

I am very into art and work with the local art center, while continually trying to obtain my ultimate goal of working in the comic industry.

I have been taking some interesting trips lately so, I am into travel, both flying and driving, which I think could be more memorable if I had someone special to share my journeys with (as of now just got back from MA, nothing currently planned for the near future, check back). I haven't found an abundance of girls in my area on here so I don't mind traveling. If we don't live near each other within reason, I'd say a circumference from Milwaukee and Green Bay around Fond du Lac. Madison is pushing it but there is a major highway from FDL to there so not out of the question.

I like animals, I recently lost my last pet a rabbit, Freckles he was like 12 years old. :(

I am an avid movie watcher I like a lot of things about them, if I get a new movie I like to watch it alone then with others so I get lots of views out of each movie.

I do a lot of things on my own time, you will have to get to know me to understand what Dan-time is like!

What I'm Looking For

If you do write me, keep in mind I am looking for certain things in what I want in my significant other, I prefer them to match my body type and, have common interests. A few things that turn me off, nose and lip piercings (unless they truely accent your beauty). Sorry but, if you already have kids, I'm not interested. Not an important first impression note but, if you have slept with even a handul of partners I will have a hard time dealing with that in the long run. I know these are odd things to put here but I figured I would get them out up-front!


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