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Shout out the beautiful ladies around the world
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The Basics
  Age: 26   Gender: Male   Race: African   Location: Va/New jersey Virginia United States
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  Clean Cut
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About Me

Hello ladies my name is Jamar I like of myself as a positive person.The energy I keep
around me are positive people.I always want more out of life I rarley get completable.
I was not fed a silver spoon in my mouth.Everything I achieve I work for and everything
I own came from my hard work.There we're obstacles I though I never over come I was determine.
I like to have fun all the time there is always a smile on my face.Sometimes
I believe God put this smile on my face because I smile threw the hard times.
life is too short so I tell people don't let no one tell you have to live your life.
Because your the only person that have to die when its time for you to die.so go ahead
and do what you want to do.I'm young and I have a lot of years of ahead of me
but I know who I am and what I want.

What I'm Looking For

Someone who is beautiful inside and out. A lady that is confident and ambitious.
A woman with sex appeal that knows how to hold a general conversation.
A lady that is quick on her feet and knows how to handle multiple situation.
someone I can take around my family.A girl that knows how to kick around my boys
A want a woman that love to be a woman and not so selfish. Someone that understand
the woman role and not feel like they below a men.This is all for right now but if
you would like more send me a message


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