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Let there be laughter...Let there be Love
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  Age: 25   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Michigan United States
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About Me

Hi the names Shelly. Born in the year of '92.I've changed quite a bit in the past year. Had two serious relationships first cheated so damn. Second guy just i didn't see him enough and he didnt view the world like I did. I'm 19 weird and i love randomness. I love almost all music. I don't like fake people. I'm real. As real as it gets xD I love to randomly dance and sing in public. I'm very open honest person. I love meeting new people. So if your boring, don't bother talking to me...you will be shunned. xp I am an artist. I love to paint sketch. And sometimes I find myself lost in a sea of writing I am a photographer at JcPenney but thinking of switching to Sears. Someday I wish to have a studio of my own. I do not drive. Cars are expensive ive had my segment 1 permit renewed every year since i was 17 lol no shame not afraid to say that honestly i dont see a point of an license til i have a car. xD

I do not drink or smoke. I think it smells, it rots your teeth and the downpull to that smoking gives you cancer ^.^

Something to add: If your talking to me for the first time and ask me out your answer will be Rejection. If your over the age limit I'm looking for Don't ask me out or message me it's creepy and extremely inappropriate. Much appreciated!

So honestly whoever you are out there don't be afraid to talk to me. I'm not going to turn on you or reject you I'm not that kinda girl that takes crap from people. You need someone to vent to I'm your girl. Because no matter how mad you are I'll always be there in the end

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What I'm Looking For

So to you guys are there. If you took the time to read my info you may be worth it to me. I'm looking for someone who appreciates music. Has a love for movies. Has picked up and read a book. (i love to read) Who has an appreciation for Art of any type. Whose funny and kind. Likes to cook. Likes outdoors. Loves the rain. One who compliments me and makes me feel like im with the right guy. I specially like nerdy kind of guys too lol <3


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