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Trying to find a Drone among the Flies.
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  Age: 50   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Oregon United States
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About Me

I have a PhD in Physics first of all. So that eliminates you ignorant losers with no more than high school or an AA in Remedial Reading and Arithmetic. I am 43, and very fit and athletic, so that eliminates you fat old ones and couch potatoes.

As for myself, I run a mile daily in under 5 minutes. I practice 3 styles of martial arts twice weekly. I swim twice weekly and do aerobics 5 times a week. I am 5'5 and weigh 126 pounds. My figure is 34B-23-35. I have modeled clothes, swim wear and hosiery, and was in two Hollywood movies as a minor actress. In high school I came in 4th in my state's Junior Miss Pagent. My IQ is 179. And coupled with my PhD, you will need at least a Bachelor of Science in a very academic field or we won't even be able to communicate. I speak English, German, Dutch, Italian, Latin and a little Russian. I can read and write in Akkadian, Assyrian, Sumer, Babylonian, Old Persian and Phoenician. I can program computers in 11 languages including Machine. I am a published author with over 400 publications, none available in book stores though. I have 14 US Patents.

I hate toads with beards, tattoos, piercings, beer bellies, smelly, poorly dressed. uneducated or ill mannered. Well, that pretty much explains why you are without a woman. Every last one of my friends also hate these things. Another killer with me: I wouldn't be seen in a Japanese car or an American car assembled in Mexico. I drive a 2007 Mercedes 450 SEL convertible. An old classic car for yourself would be fine, but no pickups or 4X4's.

What I'm Looking For

See previous. Must be under 6 foot, under 185 pounds. No beard, piercings or tattoos. No facial hair other than a well groomed mustache. Must dress well, have good manners. If you are the type who fails to hold a door open for a woman, or for that matter a man, you are simply a discourteous slob. Because this eliminates almost all single men, I am open to an affair with a married man. But it will definitely have to be more than sex. I am after companionship with someone with class. Best your wife know, but at no time will I tolerate you saying how you want to leave her for me.

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