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I'm empathic, and enjoy a good adventure!
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The Basics
  Age: 28   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Cortland New York United States
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  Casual, Clean Cut
  None but want some soon, None
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  Shoulder Length, Long
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About Me

I'm Katharine, hello all! I'm here trying to find someone, because I have the misfortune of being around too many couples, and not enough singles. My passtimes include training for my first marathon this September, practicing my Taiji, cheering about DCI Champions 'The Cadets', and finding the next book that I will add to my mental library.

I love all kinds of music, aside from heavy grunge, and rap. My iPod has artists from Harry Chapin to A.S.P. to Kpop to Haydn to Roger and Hammersteins. I'm a big fan of foreign music, if you can't already tell.

My food preferences are a little choosy. I try everything, just to let you know, but I suppose my tstebuds aren't as accepting as others. I cannot stand seafood unless it's tuna in a can. As much as I /want/ to like spicy foods, I like my tongue the way it is, so i stay away from them unless they're there for flavor, and not just to see if I'll cry or not.

Speaking of crying, I'm not big on it. I'll only tear up during intense movie scenes, and when there's a spider around. I'm not proud of it, but those creepyass crawlers are one of the few things that I simply cannot stand. Crying doesn't solve anything in tough situations, so I'm not the kind of person who cracks under pressure.

I'm an avid reader. i love fantasy novels, but I really want to get into more political reads if there's someone nearby who can exlain all the technical jargon. I'm willing to learn it!

I am eternally optimistic.

What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for someone confident, and healthy! My body type will always have a little extra on my bones, and of course that's the case for others, but I want to see that you care about your health, and about what the future might bring for you, and your future family.

I'm looking for someone who'll take me on an adventure. I love exploring new places, and doing new things. Life's got too much to offer for the short amount of time we ahve here, but I want to get in as much as possible!

I do plan on having a family, some day. I want to settle down and be a mother. Someone who one day wants a family would be an ideal match for me. I'm going to school to receive my degree in education, children will always be a big part of my life.

I'm looking for someone who won't judge the fact that I play World of Warcraft. It is not an addiction, I am not the geeks they show on TV. I play a few hours a week when I've finished all my work. Leave me my one guilty pleasure.


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