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Hey girls, hit me up for realtionship. =P
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  Age: 26   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Nebraska United States
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About Me

Hello, my name is Collin and I would say that Im a fun guy. I love to party and have a good time. I love to be outside, climbing anything big. (Ha ha thats what she said) lol. Anyways I love graphic design, and drawing in my free time. I currently work for KIRBY and Im making a good amount of cash I would say. Im happy with it...=P

I love at night to watch movies and lay in bed relaxing. I love to play video games, thats my weakness, ha. I do smoke The green stuff when I can, it makes me happy and relaxes my nerves... And besides that who wouldnt it makes you happy as a muthafucka lol. But its not as important as my family or the one who i will soon love when I find her.

And hey Im really good with relationships. Only problem is I had my heart broken and now I need to mend it. Thats why Im here tho right... To find you, who is reading this right now. Love is great, and makes life better.

What I'm Looking For

Im looking for a girl with the same interests as me, or at least some, im not a picky guy...=) i would love for a girl to be happy, and has a smile on her face when she looks at me. I will make my special someone be that happy. I want her to be accepting and not tell me im wrong on everything, thats a relationship breaker right there. I really would like to find a girl who is open to me about everything, and doesnt hide things from me that I can help with. All I want is happyness and fun. Live life for what it is and dont worry about the little things, let loose. And hey if u dont like that I smoke green, then u have problems, or believe everything that someone tells you. For instance the government. lol

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