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Let's delete some of life's WHAT IFs :-)
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The Basics
  Age: 45   Gender: Female   Race: Asian   Location: Makati Metro Manila Philippines
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  A few extra pounds
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About Me

I am a wanderer. I've been to India, Sydney, Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok and last one was Egypt. But my most memorable ones are journeys with friends to Amsterdam, Prague, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Paris, Venice, Rome, Florence, Athens and Santorini. And never been to me. Just kidding. I am a writer, a traveller, and a bad driver :-)

After 17 years of working, i decided to retire from the big corporate job and start my own with friends. I've been a paid writer haha for years, now working freelance. A small, simple, stress-free career. So i can really STOP and smell the roses. Focus on myself this time.

I'm good in cooking but bad in math.
I'm good with arts but bad with driving (are you insured?:)
I'm good with singing (i sing for a band) but bad with techie stuff
(why won't my mac work?! OH the PLUG!)
I love bright colors and hate using the chopsticks.
I love coffee (black please with equal) and hate waiting.
I love to make people laugh and hate filling out government forms.

Hmmm i love to travel, both long-hauled trips and unplanned road trips. For a girl, surprisingly, i can travel light hahahaha. I love the movies (from the usual chick flicks,
to asian horror flicks to cartoons, Monster Inc and Shrek are still my all-time faves), watching concerts, love to wine and dine with friends with lots of big laughs in between. I'm not big on clubbing or the nightlife. Not that i'm a bore, i just can't stand the smoke (damn i hope you are not a smoker!) and the noise (i rather talk to you in a cafe and listen to what you wanna say.)

What I'm Looking For

That man who can make me laugh and make me shut up :-)

Do you want an interesting conversation, if you wanna know more about Manila and the joys and perils of living alone :) hahaha! Don't laugh but i really like tall guys specially the smart and funny ones :p you will not call me "A NOVELTY"...


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