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...I'm still sleeping aren't I?
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  Age: 37   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Montana United States
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  Stylish, Clean Cut
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Art is my life, Second only to my sons. I own a tattoo studio. I also do ** and book ***. I love my job/s.I love music! all kinds...well most kinds. My ipod would be the one thing I would want on a desert island. And I love to go to Live concerts and rock the fuck out, I smoke herb ** and only drink socially. I get a little random at times but its just the A.D.D.:) So if your not scared yet

BTW there was a lot more but it said i was using too many big words :/

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What I'm Looking For

Just looking for someone to be a friend to start with. and I don't know what else to put so here a recipe for pot brownies.

Before we start baking, however, you will need to make pot butter. Pot brownies contain THC by virtue of the butter that is used in their making. Since THC is fat-soluble and, well, butter contains a lot of fat, butter is the ideal candidate to absorb and retain large amounts of THC. Thus, when making pot butter, the goal is to extract the THC from the weed and have it absorbed by the butter. As you’ll see, there’s no need to keep the actual pot leaves.

Making Quick & Easy Pot Butter

Two saucepans
1/8 oz. weed (The weed doesn't have to be ground. You will later be straining the weed, anyways.)
1 stick of butter (1/2 cup)

- Melt the butter on low heat in the saucepan.
- Once the butter has melted, add the weed.
- Let the butter simmer for about 45 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes. – This is the step when
the THC is extracted from the weed and absorbed by the butter.
- Strain the pot butter into the second saucepan.
- Refrigerate pot butter until semi-solid.

Recipe #1: Grandma’s Classic Brownies

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than the good old-fashioned brownies that grandma used to make. Follow the easy-to-follow recipe below to make yourself a batch in no time!

4 (1 ounce) squares unsweetened chocolate
3/4 cup pot butter
2 cups white sugar
3 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup all-purpose fl our
1 cup chopped walnuts

• Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
• Microwave chocolate and pot butter in large bowl on
high for 2 minutes or until butter is melted.
• Stir until chocolate is melted. Stir in sugar. Mix in eggs
and vanilla. Stir in flour and nuts.
• Spread in greased 13 x 9 inch pan.
• Bake for 35 minutes.


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