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I need someone special who can accept all I am.
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The Basics
  Age: 27   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Lopez Island Washington United States
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  None but want some soon
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About Me

I'm 19 and i live on lopez island, about 90% of my really good friends are all girls, yet i've never had a GF, ironic much?? I play bass and guitar and I am also a fairly good singer (for all you musician loving gals out there). My favorite kinds of music are Classic Rock and Blues, but I'll listen to almost anything, except rap. I believe music is one of the most important things in the world and i really wanna be a filmscore composer when i get older. I do want kids, preferably girls, (i really like the names Hannah, Ashe and Kaitlyn), but im in no hurry to get there right now.
I love going to Mariner games and hanging with my friends and family, i'm also in a rock band called Sheet Metal Blues (find us on facebook!!) i'm currently writing a small novel, it's taking awhile, but i hope to get it done and published soon. I wash dishes at the deli in our new store, the thing is huge!! it's like a freakin wal-mart, haha. its pretty boring buts its a job so i can't really complain, and im darn good at it too ;). i'm scottish, (got the red goatee to prove it!!) canadian and a few others i can't even begin to remember. my favorite show is House, no question, and as far as movies, i like the Jurassic Park and Indiana Jones movies the most, and a lot of other stuff. my favorite food is, well, food, and i read almost constantly, doesn't matter what it is, i'm currently on a couple books at once, but the one i just finished is the latest Maximum Ride novel, kinda young for my age, i knowww, but they're really good books!! i got 6 cats or so that come in the house fairly often, and there are a few that kind of hang around the property but aren't really tame. its a farm so theres lots of space. if you wanna know anything else just hit me up!!

What I'm Looking For

The kinda girl i want is tough and can take care of herself, but can also be very kind, sweet and gentle when needed. She has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh, cause i can be a pretty funny guy, and she needs to understand that even big boys cry. Shes gotta be smart and love a good conversation, so we can talk for hours about anything, just cause we wanna. Eyes are the most beautiful thing about a girl i think, its something i can't explain, but i can get lost in a gorgeous pair of eyes :). Being a good singer is also a plus, but not really required lol. playing instruments is good too! :)


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