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Man give me a break!
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  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Irving Texas United States
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  Very Short, Medium
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About Me

I'm your typical averagely cute guy with a teddy bear personality! I'm big but not intimidating, 6'5" and 300lbs I'm goofy but smart not very witty or super romantic! Have all the ideas but don't push for the romantic side most of the time!! I play the piano and am pretty good with electronics! I build and maintain computers for myself and others as well as game a little every once in a while! But i DO NOT PLAY WOW or any mmo at all! No Thanks! I watch porn, I masturbate I have habits that may not be perfect but really WHO CARES! Only have one life! So come on lets have some fun! Don't be a Prep, Losers are so much more fun!
CONTACT HERE or look me up on f - a - c - e -- b - 0 - o - k My real name is Clay Akin not a joke...

What I'm Looking For

I'm not in life for the long haul like some people i don't need the fancy wedding with all the people and flowers and all that... in fact, i don't want to get married at all, therefore I am looking for someone who is accepting of dating and casual sex, If you are not, click someones picture who doesn't care about the person you are and want to pleasure you as much as you pleasure me in every way!! Not some gold digger or a body seeker! I'm not perfect but i'm in good enough shape to fuck your brains out and make you eat 'em with a spoon! :P I don't really have a hair, eye, height or race preference, but I've just never had that perfectly curvy real breasted girl with the perfect little heart shaped ass! Its not what I want on an every day realistic scale, but if you think you're that person please contact me and lets see how much better it is for the both of us! :) Don't worry! I do not stalk and my life is not only based on sex! Friends are cool too, as long as there are benefits of some kind BAHAHA!

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