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I was told there would be punch and pie.
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  Age: 30   Gender: Male   Race: Mixed   Location: Chicago Illinois United States
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About Me

I'm a spontaneous kind of guy. I enjoy hanging out with my friends finding adventure or just knocking back a few drinks, which generally leads to finding drunken adventure. I'm into a wide variety of music, I'll give anything a shot, but country is not my scene.

Speaking of scenes, I don't necessarily fit in one. I get along with everyone so long as you're intelligent, witty, and don't take yourself too seriously 24/7. The ability to laugh at one's self and common sense seem to be in short supply, or maybe I'm just being cynical.

While everyone my age was running off to college, I joined the workforce and did a bunch of random jobs before I decided what I wanted to dedicate a career to. I'm making the moves toward that this Fall. For now, I've got a pretty stable job as a cook at a successful bar and grill downtown. It pays well enough, but finding the time to get out and be social is difficult, hence this page.

I'm a nerd, no real easy way about it. However, I'm not one of those super awkward never-been-kissed types that seem to be slowly getting phased out. I take care of my body and don't devote entire days to playing World of Warcraft, although I will admit, there are rare occasions.

Some days I like to grab a six pack, and sit outside with my dog and watch the day float by. Other days I just won't sit still, and have to have some kind of stimulation or I feel like I'm wasting away. I'm looking forward to summer hitting us full blast so I can go on my 3AM runs to 7-11 for Slurpees.

You can basically ask me whatever you want to know. I'm not very private of a person, unless it involves other people.

What I'm Looking For

Someone who's quirky and likes me for who I am, not who they can try to turn me into (you'd be fighting a losing battle.) Someone who may be a touch "odd" to others. If you were into gaming too that would rock, but as long as you're understanding of my hobby that's fine too. Enjoying at least the occasional alcoholic beverage would be great too, as I love going out with my friends and hitting up the local bars once in a while.

You should be able to take a joke, and roll with the guys. Having a touch of tomboy in ya would be righteous.

Someone who will remind me to smile, and if I don't, will do something silly that makes me. Basically, be young at heart and definitely don't be as cynical as me, that would likely cause some kind of singularity of bitterness and no one wants that.


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