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I was told that one sane woman is still out there
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  Age: 34   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Colorado Springs Colorado United States
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About Me

One of the few dudes that can't go hours and hours talking about themselves. Have some amazing stories that I share but not the guy who won't shut up about himself.

Enjoy movies an music like 99% of everyone else. My real passion is photography, living in beautiful state of CO has only helped. Wish I could do all my shots in black and white and a black room to develop them. It's the digital age now when everything is expected here and now.

My favorite dog is my buddy Dozer, he is a English Bulldog. I really have love for all animals, even the ones people find scary. Don't want to sound like "Nature Nut" but think I was born in wrong century?

What I'm Looking For

What im looking for in a woman? Everyone has their type when it comes to looks and I am no different. This time however I decided not to focus on them. I have made huge mistakes in my life by choosing girl with looks over girl with personality.

I could make a list of likes and dislikes a mile long but I don't want to that anymore. Doing so has ruled out many women that in retrospect would have made a great relationships.


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