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Quiet, Quirky, and Cuddly
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The Basics
  Age: 30   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Red Deer Alberta Canada
The Details
Sexual Orientation:
  Gay, Lesbian
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Body Type:
  Average, Slim
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Hair Length:
  Short, Very Short, Medium
About Me

I'm a 21 year old bisexual, but I don't ever see myself being with a male. For simplicity I refer to myself as a Lesbian. It's easier than having to explain.

I'm a bit of a computer nerd, and I write fanfiction for my favourite tv show, Criminal Minds. I also play violin, and enjoy both quiet nights out and in.
I'm not a fan of huge crowds, or lots of noise, though, so the bar scene isn't really me. I do, however, love to dance!
I enjoy Yaoi and Slash... If you don't know what I'm referring to, look it up, and if you don't like it, either don't message me, or don't give me a hard time about liking it.

I'm a listener, so if you like to talk that's perfect!

I recently signed up for a Criminal Psychology course through Algonquin college. Distance education, online learning. I definitely like the idea of learning in the comfort of my home.

I love food, and any kind of meat is my favourite. I'm as far from a Vegan/Vegetarian that you can get. I'm not opposed to dating vegetarians so long as they're not opposed to dating a carnivore.

I'm very close with my mom, and live at home.

Just a girl looking for someone to spend my days (and/or nights) with.

When I get attatched to a person, they usually are stuck with me for life. It's not easy to gain my trust, but once you have it, if you cherish it, I'm yours.

I am a long-term kinda girl, so I'm looking for something that'll last, but obviously things have to start out slower.

I don't like to cry, but on the rare occasion that I do, I just want to be held.

I'm not a very outdoorsy person, I'd prefer to stay inside. But every so often I do get the urge to spend a day outside, which is usually followed by passing out due to being too hot, and exhausted.

I'm afraid of spiders and bugs, amongst other things. (making phone calls, answering the phone if I don't know who it is, police due to their guns, sirens.) Am I odd? Probably. But I'm okay with that.

I don't follow trends. I prefer to make my own rules when it comes to what's "cool".
I've never owned an Apple product in my life, and I never intend to.

I prefer Coke to Pepsi.
and Flames to Oilers.

I'm quite shy, but I'm trying to break out of my shell a bit more. I'm hoping meeting someone will help with that. So if you're got an outgoing side along with a quiet side, you might be perfect for me. Or if you're willing to put in the effort to get me where I need to be, it would definitely be appreciated. I'm not perfect, no one is, I just hope I'm not too weird and scare people off, when you get to know me. ;)

I'm not into girls who look fake, or painted. Girls who pile on the make-up to make themselves beautiful... I like a girl who isn't afraid to be natural. That said I'm not opposed to a little eye-shadow or something, but nothing extravagant, still looking natural. And then for special occasions, or whatever, the colour can be added... Just not day to day. The point I'm trying to make is not to go overboard and hide who you really are. Sure, enhance what you have, but don't cover it up.

So if you think we'd make a good match, message me! I'd love to hear from you.


What I'm Looking For

First and foremost I need someone who is willing to motivate me and help me through my issues. I need someone who is unafraid, and loves me unconditionally. I need someone devoted, loving, loyal. Someone who will push me to be a better person.

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