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"Right now nothing is worse than being apart."
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  Age: 58   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Anaheim California United States
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About Me

I love life! I love my three grown kids... my family and friends are very important to me. My friends say I am easy going, funny, a bit crazy at times (in a good way), warm, fun, caring, filled with way too much energy and prettier than my pictures. I have great genes so I look a lot younger than I am. I love my job working with young people and they keep me youthful mentally, physically, and spiritually. I like to be on the go as well as mellow at home.

My faith in God is very important to me. My word is my bond. When I commit, I don't waiver. I am honest, loyal, faithful and a one-man woman. If you know the Boy Scout oath, that's me! And I'm a hopeless romantic..hopeless! Some of my favorite moments: sharing a meal, a movie, a long walk, talking late at night, candlelit dinners, sporting events, concerts, shows, road trips, exploring, fishing, camping (in a tent or Camp Holiday Inn), jeeping, learning new things in the outdoors as well as indoors. There’s not too much that I don’t like doing. And I am quite content watching you enjoy your activity too, if it doesn’t suit me. I especially love the ocean and the mountains; nature centers me. It’s where I go to unwind and settle down. Quiet alone time is important too...just the two of us wrapped in a blanket and enjoying the rain, snuggling while watching a movie, clinging to your arm as you teach me to do something new.

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What I'm Looking For

Who am I looking for? The one man who will be my partner in this next chapter in life. The one I can hardly wait to see again, someone to cuddle and tease, who isn’t afraid to throw his arms around me and kiss me in public....who will love for the rest of our lives. He has to be an active man who loves doing things and if necessary, can teach me about what interests him. He’s funny, romantic, intelligent, compassionate, a man’s man and a gentleman and a great kisser. He isn’t afraid to communicate with me and he can be soft when he needs to be.

What does he get? He will feel like the only man in this world…desired and impassioned. He’ll experience an intense and true love. Not a day will pass when he will not be happy and content, cherished, challenged and supported. We will be very best friends, lovers and "partners in crime." "I'll love you the way a drowning man loves air."


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