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Looking for Love or somthing close..
Online: 2668 days ago   Updated: 2677 days ago   Joined: 2677 days ago
The Basics
  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Port Huron Michigan United States
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About Me

First off I'm tired of the games if your for real and want a REAL relationship continue on..if you looking for some d*ck move along...I am looking for love or something close....if you want that read on and msg me.

My Name is Chris N and I am 23 years old single and looking for a girl to treat me right and (isn't a crazy person and I mean BAD crazy because I'm a little off myself) one that enjoys and accepts compliments im very loving and sweet some say imma hopeless romantic...I am a fun loving guy who speaks his mind I'm very blunt almost rudely honest.I am an aspiring vocalist I'm learning to sing hard rock but my focus has been Hardcore/death metal..i write all of my own lyrics except for the hard rock, im just not as good at that...i love to read,relax, watch ,movies, play video games and hang out with friends,listen to music, make music and enjoy nature and working out i enjoy being fit and healthy...I am a very caring loving random person who will turn into an ***hole if you cross me or my friends I am very loyal, at first I'm fairly shy but if your cool i will warm up quickly...I'm interested in the paranormal universe, ghost hunting or just going to scary places to get freaked out....i enjoy comedy, action, and horror movies and 1 musical (Repo Man:The Genetic Opera) and the occasional weird trippy movie...anything else you may wonder feel free to ask!....i laugh at things you probably shouldn't more often than most and the things you really shouldn't I'm random and opinionated

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What I'm Looking For

Please dont misunderstand me I am not shallow, if you are 35lbs or more overweight dont bother messaging me I dont mind bigger girls I just have some standards.. besides being that overweight is unhealthy and unattractive that you dont care enough about yourself to take care of your body

A girl who stands up for herself and what she believes in, a take no sh*t kinda girl.. Is very loving and caring, has a sense of humor, likes animals and the outdoors... appreciates compliments and the small sweet things that i will do for her... likes sitting home and watching horror movies good ones and the cheesy ones.. is content just to enjoy each others company and cuddle, doesnt have to be out and about all the time... at least like some METAL music.... likes randomosity either in action or humor.. will like me for me and accept who i am


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