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Social Butterfly Seeks Witty Sarcastic Charmer
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The Basics
  Age: 49   Gender: Female   Race: African   Location: Florida United States
The Details
  Yes - living with me
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  Very Long
About Me

I really HATE writing profiles. There's a lot of pressure that comes with attempting to display your personality in a few succinct and well placed words. The "About Me" section may change depending on the day and/or the temperature. I am a Cancer, after all. I'm a shy wild child—a cancer to my very core. So, my moods ebb and flow like the changing tides. Yes, that's right. I'm moody. But, so d*mn sweet, you won't mind. I am a mother. I have (count ‘em) THREE kids—a 18 year old son and 2 adorable divas who HAVE a wonderful father. So don't worry, I'm not daddy shopping for my children. I'm simply papi shopping for ME! I am passionate about life and love. I have an immense appreciation for music, art, poetry and laughter and an intense love for my children, family and friends. I'm creative by nature and an artist by professional choice.

What I'm Looking For

I’m here out of shear boredom AND my desire to meet a like-minded guy. You know…someone who can speak in complete sentences and celebrates diversity and individuality. I love people who refused to be labeled and I’m currently taking applications for poets, thinkers, artists, handymen, intellectuals and any combination of the aforementioned. The job responsibilities? Friendship for starters. I’ve been single by choice, so I’m not desperate for attention or affection. Just, currently craving some companionship. So...if you are up for the challenge, feel free to contact me.

NOTE: If you're looking for a "hook up", I am definitely NOT your girl. I'm sure there are plenty of "fish" here who are down with that type of thing, but I'm looking for someone who is interested in getting to know me with my clothes ON first. ;-)


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