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Forget the sparks. I'll show you lightning!
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The Basics
  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Wisconsin United States
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  Casual, Stylish, Clean Cut   Average
  Smokes only when drinking
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  Brown, Blonde
About Me

If you've ever seen the movie Catfish, you're probably as cautious as I am. Technically, this isn't my ideal way to meet someone, but then again, you miss 100% of the chances you don't take.

I'm a small town kind of guy. I grew up in the country, and spent a lot of time working on my uncle's farm. The school I went to had just over 300 students attending. I graduated in the smallest class the school had ever seen, with less than 100 students. My name is still among the records for the fastest mile, at 4 minutes, 53 seconds. I also did many solos for the high school choir, and received many awards from going to state. From the time I was 6, I played soccer, right up until 2006, when I graduated.

I love the outdoors. Summers are always spent out camping, fishing, hiking, playing ball, disc golfing, and so on. I love working on my car, an doing my upgrades, and general maintenance myself. For as long as I can remember, snowboarding is my favorite thing to do in the winter.

I'm very artistic, and creative. I consider myself to be a tallented guitar player, and singer/song writer. The plan is to start a band, and recently, I located the perfect people with some experience. Hopefully that will get off the ground in the near future. And I won't let anyone, or anything stand in my way of doing this. I'm agressive when to the things I desire most. What do you think of the band name SaviourSouls?

I'm definitely a romantic. The best moments, are the moments that excite the heart. The first kiss, for example. An amazing date. Meeting the person of your most sensual dreams. The perfect sunset, with the perfect person. Now believe me, I can make your heart want to sing out loud!

Collectively, we spend far too much time trying to find out where people are from. In my opinion, what's really important, is where the person is going. Now I'd like to know, will you go with me?

What I'm Looking For

I'm really not picky, or shallow. I'd really just like to find someone that I click with. If I can find someone who makes me feel complete, then my search is over. Let's find out if you're the one!

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