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I am an old fashioned girl looking for a guy.
The Basics
  Age: 43   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: South Dakota United States
The Details
Body Type:
  A few extra pounds
Eye Colour:
  None but want some soon
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About Me

I love to cook and watch all different types of movies. I love to travel and read books. Romances are my favorites. I live in a small town where I am related to have the male population, so finding someone is hard. Moved from Washington State to South Dakota, because of my parents. I am staying here taking care of them until they pass away. I own my own house, and have two cats.
I am old fashioned except for my tatoos and my hair color. I have a great sense of humor and am starting to workout to lose more weight.
I don't dress up all fancy all the time, only when needed. I don't wear makeup that often, but would if someone found me pretty. I am a plain jane, but make up for it with my personality.

What I'm Looking For

I am looking for my soulmate and love of my life. I want a best friend who loves 80's and Oldies music. I want someone who will not cheat on me, and will love me no matter what. I am not going to be intimate until I am married. That seems to put a lot of you guys off. So, I am putting that out right now. I have to know you for at least a year before I would get engaged, and I want children so much.
I am not a raving beauty, but the guy who really loves me; would think so.
If you are a pervert or just want to sleep with someone; please don't message me. I am looking for a serious relationship with someone who is willing to relocate to a small town until my parents have passed away.


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