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You will like what you see. Check me out.
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  Age: 64   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Treassure Island Florida United States
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  Stylish, Clean Cut, Trendy
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About Me

Romantic X Sea Captain who will treat you like a Princess.

Would you like to have a “very best friend”, someone fun to be with when you have time to hang out, someone to take you out to fine restaurants and dancing and who will treat you like a Princess? Or: would you rather sit alone reading these endless personal ads? I would rather be with you at this moment.

Gamble 15 minutes of your time having a Cocktail and a bite to eat at a Tiki Bar on the beach with me. **** Then, if you walk away there are no regrets or hard feelings. If you look back I will be smiling and I will wave goodbye.*** There may be a tear in my eye but you will be too far away to see it.

No games. I’ll lay it all on the line right up front. I do not like misunderstandings especially with a girlfriend, so, I’m going to talk about serious stuff. When we meet we can talk about the fun stuff.

First, about money. I have a very small income at the moment because two and half years ago I closed down my Finance Company so I could devote my time to writing the algorithms and computer code for a new kind of Virtual Finance Company. And since I drive a big car, at $4.00 a gallon I cannot travel far to pick you up. I live in a small cottage on Treasure Island.

I will not have a six figure income again until I launch this new virtual finance company nationwide. Until then we will have to get by on what I have coming in.

As an example of the kind of things I like to do: I like to take a beautiful girl, no matter your age, with long hair, a shapely figure, that twinkle in her eye, who likes to dress elegantly in a cocktail dress and heels, who knows she looks good and is not afraid to flaunt it, to the finest restaurant I know about in this part of the world, for a delicious Chateau Briand followed by an evening of listening to a good dance band and perchance dance a Foxtrot or a Triple Lindy.

So you will not be misled about me. I did not start life as a gentleman in fine company. I grew up aboard ships plying the South China Sea, sailed the 7 seas, as they say, to the roughest ports of call in the world.

When I was very young, living in the crews quarters of Tramp Steamers, I could see the difference between those of us living in the foc'sl of the ship, where the only reading material was porno magazines, and the officers on the bridge who had an education and manners. I did not like being a part of the uncouth riff raff and I have therefore learned to be a gentleman and learned how to treat you as a gentleman should.

When the opportunity arose, I came to Hollywood and entered into the world of the Clara Lane Agency where would be actors and actresses from the major studios are sent to learn the social graces. I learned to sit, walk, talk, eat, dress, hold a ladies chair, open a door, and a million other things that I had only seen on a movie screen. At 20th Century Fox I learned how to carry on a conversation with people who live well in what used to be called “High Society”.

I will indeed treat you like a Princess and make sure that every day you know that there is no other girl in the world that is treated better than you are, and tell you when you look nice, and how much I appreciate your company.

I have conducted various kinds of businesses, some nefarious by United States standards, in many parts of the world. I am now living here on land like civilized people. I like to dress as well as I know how, both daytime and evening. I try to keep fit, well groomed, and in good health. *** No STDs.

I do not really know how old I am, and neither does this web site. I have one birth certificate, of doubtful repute that says 1950, another of equal repute says 1954. They were both purchased for me by the Captain of the ship where I was working in the galley when I was about 6 years old to prove to authorities in the ports of call that I was old enough to work on a ship.

The only actual date that there is a record of on the internet is 4 Aug 1964. I know exactly where I was on that date. I was working aboard a freighter and we were in the Tonkin Gulf. The Tonkin Gulf is the extreme northern end of the South China Sea. At that time I was carried on the ships books as 10 years old. You can look up the “Tonkin Gulf Incident” on the Internet.

I do not know my parents and I do not know where I was born or when I was born. These pictures are not re-touched. That is how a weather-beaten Sea Captain looks when he is cleaned up.

I'm now older than dirt, 6’ tall 170 pounds, beat up, shot up, cut up and weather beaten by salt spray, wind and sun.

I would have been considered a refugee at the time the first ship picked me up off an island in the Western Pacific to be their galley boy. The crew later told me that I was 5 years old when they picked me up off that beach. You judge how old I am.***

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What I'm Looking For

I would like to meet a girl who enjoys looking her best whenever she goes out, (for herself, not for me), dressing simply but elegantly, in designer shorts, jeans, a cocktail dress or ball room gown, as opposed to the sloppy look.

I’m searching for that girl who likes dinning in the finest restaurants wherever we may travel, or to seek out those little “hole in the wall” fun restaurants that might have something special. A girl who likes ballroom dancing or would like to learn. I like to take my Girl Friend out for an evening of fine dinning in an elegant restaurant, and then hold her in my arms while we dance the night away.

A girl who would also like to drive the back roads stopping in small towns to visit with the people and look at the old stuff. A girl who will talk to me about my businesses, or anything else, provide me with counsel, and tell me when she does not like what I am doing or that I have bad breath. I'm looking for a girl with whom I can share everything, we can talk about anything, and do "together" those things she would like to do that we can do together.

Please send me an E-Mail. Bye for now. Douglas


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