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I notice beauty in things most ignore
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  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: African   Location: Canyon Country California United States
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About Me

I'm not too good at writing about myself but, I'll just elaborate on the basics of me.
I'm very eccentric and shy. I'm am kind of an introvert that wants to open up if I am only allowed to. Most see me as shy. They should have tried to get to know me more. Most are really missing out on the full experience.

I'm what can be called a Goth.
I don't drink blood or worship the devil already I just love Halloween and Black.
I'm weird but, not wild. I can be a huge nerd as well.

I am also a Deist.
It means I believe there might be a God or something but, it abandoned us or is disconnected from its creation.

I'm really cheerful but, I have my down times.
Just give me a chance to open up and I'll make you happy too.
My humor is pretty well rounded from dark to witty.
I'm a total pervert. Not off the bat though but, I can say and do dirty things.

I'm avery open minded person and will accept anyone that finds me of interest.
If I seem boring at first I just need to feel like I'm worth your time is all.
Drop me a line :D

What I'm Looking For

I have a soft spot for mousy and introvert girls. Just recently realized this.
Mousy girls!! Watch out xDD

I also have a thing for redheads and brunettes the most.
Though I am open to everyone if you are open to me.

It would be nice if she was weird too.
Loud and typical girls make me puke.

I most of all if the girl I met was happy to talk to me instead of just me being happy.
I always get that.

All true sweethearts welcome.


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