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book reader, animal lover
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  Age: 25   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Wisconsin United States
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About Me

pic comming soon
i like to make people laugh, its always a good thing. im really not looking for someone right now, i just got out of a relationship and wont be ready to date for a long time. that being said, i will try to describe myself.

im not much of an outdoor person. i'll go for walks and take bike rides, but not often. i like spending time in libraries and book stores. im a sensative person, though i love the truth. i dont know how to have friends but i try. to be honest when i get firends i dont really stay in touch. i like to spend my time with my family or watching stuff or reading things or being around animals. im not the kind of chick who likes to go everywhere or shop. i think having a penpal would be great. im not a social butterfly but it works for me. i really dont like drinking or drugs, thats a big no no.

i like doing group activities on warm days. its kind of fun to have people come together to play games. sports realy is not my thing, though i will play them. cant guarentee it would be often.

lets see, some other things. .

winter depression and really bad anxiety is what i have. it is not to be joked about or to be made to seem like its not big deal, because it is.

i honesly and not good at filling theses things out, i would rather you contact me and get to know me, that way you can find out more about me and not have to go by this. this is like a boring preview...

im really good at:

Being around animals? Badminton i suppose. I just like hitting the birdy back.

things i like:

Books: Song in the Silence series
Movies: A couple different ones
Shows: Dr. Who, Stargate Atlantis, the old Star Trek shows
Music: Old rock
Food: Not sure.


I think about alot of things, and over think other things.

on a typical friday night, i am:

Not sure, i could be doing anything, but i suppose im home most the time. Being with my cat and family.

What I'm Looking For

well, really i dont know how to fill this out. someone who doesnt drink, smoke, or do drugs. doesnt really hang out with their friends alot and idk what else, lol.

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