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Fun nice not an ass hole
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The Basics
  Age: 26   Gender: Male   Race: Hispanic   Location: New Mexico United States
The Details
  Yes - not living with me
Hair Colour:
Body Type:
  Average, Slim, Thin   Athletic
Hair Length:
  Shoulder Length, Long
Eye Colour:
  Black, Brown
Sexual Orientation:
  Occaisional smoker
About Me

Hello my name is Cameron I'm new to all this online dating but let's see I really don't care what kind of person you are or what your into as long as your not a bitch yes I'm straight forward and I don't care cause it's me my life is involed around music I love music I look what people would call emo or whatever but I'm not I have done that shut when I was in middle school because of a lost ex but I grew up I'm looking for another job for my child alesana I love her with all my heart and do anything for my baby girl I wouldnt expect most people to like me cause I have a kid but ya um I like to dance party I'm trying to quit smoking cause well ibhave a child and don't want her to grow up like me and smoke so in hopping to look for a great nice out going girl that will treat me right oh and I don't like that jealousy stuff I have alot of friends that are girls but look I have a kid I don't go flirting with all these girls and what not and I'm not asking for someone to be here for the kid just someone who wouldn't mind but ya thats some of me I'd be glad to say more just maybe another time:)
What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for a nice great non jealous non cheating type girl that will treat me right that's most of what I ask for but as long as your also fun and not just looking for sex yes sure sex is fun but why just come for that I want a relationship were I can just be with the person take pictures with them go places with them all that and just kinda be happy with eachother and push stupid people and drama aside

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