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Professional high-fiver!
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  Age: 35   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Arlington Texas United States
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About Me

So a little about me...

*I have to admit that I'm a little weird!
*I laugh at inappropriate times!!
*I like to go walking in the middle of the night!!
*I listen to loud music
*I like to sing in the shower!!
*I like to play in the rain!!
*Im the biggest dork I know..
*I love cuddling on stormy nights!!
*I like to make crappy CD's and complain about how there aren't any good songs on them!!
*in case you couldn't already tell.. I'm very random!
*I LOVE Metalocolypse(maybe too much..lol)
*I'm a girl that doesn't think she believes in love, but can't help hoping that it's real.
*I'm not afraid to say no, yet still find it hard to do sometimes.
*I can logically capture and separate my emotions, analyze them, know where they come from, yet choose to let them control me most times.
*I'm a girl of contradictions and temperamental outbursts. so I guess if all of this hasn't scared you off yet then maybe we can be friends and hug and junk.. lol

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What I'm Looking For

I really dont know what Im looking for.. I want to meet some new people, and go from there. Above all I want to find someone honest, and independent.

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