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I am who I am love me or hate me I choose Love
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The Basics
  Age: 30   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Ohio United States
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  A few extra pounds
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About Me

what to say about myself umm enjoy my books and im usually pretty bored and want something to do and weather its indoors or outdoors if its with good people im sure it would be a good time. anyways I like to think of myself as a nice guy. I always try to be nice to everyone I meet though some call this a character flaw cause i dont really seem to get angry and being to nice can tend to get ya used every now and then but its how and who i am and I wont change that. Id rather be nice and used a bit but treated well by the few friends I have than be mistrusting and mean to people to just because something bad might happen i know i could explain that better but its easier if you just talk to me and find out for yourself. though im pretty quiet, if i get to know u I tend to be pretty good at making others laugh just be warned I do have a sarcastic sense of humor. Overall though im a pretty laid back person who enjoys doing most things as long as its with friends, though i will admit until I really get to know u and sometimes even then im a pretty quiet person. My friends though they r few mean much to me and for the most part i think ive picked em well and trust them with my life . Also I have to confess I am a huge nerd. I love playing video games reading fantasy books messing with my computer weather its working on stuff with it or building them from nothing. and I swear I find something new to get into every week So anyways im terrible at just mindlessly talking about myself because the only way you truely can get to know someone is to talk to them yourself with that said hope to talk to some of you soon and make some new friends maybe even more
What I'm Looking For

Honestly I never know how to answer this question because the person you think your looking for never is and the person you never thought it would be is the person you fall for. I think theres no way to tell overall you have to meet someone get to know them and than hopefully click with that person and see where things go from there

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