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Single Again!
The Basics
  Age: 31   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Kentucky United States
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  Stylish, Clean Cut
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  Very Short
About Me

I am a graduate of the class of 2011. Ill be 19 in July and im ready to get my life started. Im very outgoing, im not really shy. I am who i am for a reason and i want someone that wants me for me and doesnt want to try and change me. I'm fun to be around, i can make u laugh/smile without even trying. I'm not a serious person unless its a situation to which i have to be...Im athletic, i love playing basketball and football, i like to stay in shape, idk what i would do if i ever became fat so i just do whatever i can to make sure that never happens lol. I sing and write music in my spare time, my favorite music is rock but i listen to just about anything.. I'm not the kinda person that likes to make a lot of plans unless i have something special in mind, usually i just go with the flow..I like to live my life drama free and not a worry in the world...im on this site bc i want to find someone that i can start fresh with, someone who doesnt know me and i dont know them so that i learn something new about them everyday, gives me something to look forward to...well thats about all i can think of so if u have any questions just ask, oh and just to let you know if ur not interested in the way i look in my pic, i look a lot better in person lol. I take horrible pics
What I'm Looking For

A good girl who is honest and trustworthy, someone who will treat me right and doesnt play mind games. I want my special someone.

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