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Hi Harem Babes
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The Basics
  Age: 38   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: North Carolina United States
The Details
Sexual Orientation:
  Lesbian, Bisexual
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About Me

I spend a lot of time writing and dating. I like watching movies. Modeling and fitness is a big thing with me. I am straightforward. I tell my likes and dislikes. I help out my friends and family but think about my future. I don't have any friends. Sometimes I let the person I'm with control me. I'm a single harem guy, am not into singular dating or singular marriage. I do my best to keep out of politics, or at least away from the dictators. Comedy is so much fun for me. I know my lifestyle is unpopular still. I am not ashamed of keeping a tab on these people who hate me, but it's so much easier with sites like these. So, thanks. I'm a lyricist, keyboardist, and an excellent instrumental sound font engineer programmer, guitarist, singer, or recorder. My electronic music is my life really. I am uninhibited and don't tolerate narrow-mindedness. I'm a little bit bi-curious, in a kind of casual way. In general, I am not turned on by promiscuity, but in the grand scheme of things I am relatively fast. I'm not afraid to be human, or show that I'm human... like so many people can be. To put it another way, there are so many bisexuals that are crazy and I am not that way at all with my bisexuality. I am very rational and don't rush into things. I'm just very understanding. Six Singles is altering my "ands," also they blocked me from writing two consecutive emails. Too bad their anti-spam policy makes them look anti-gay. And you call yourself Six Singles? Sheesh. Well, just one today!
What I'm Looking For

I'm dating to live, and living to date... you know. I want women in my life who are actively in love. You can be any size. I just want you to love who or what I love. I'm looking for good chemistry. The other stuff: looks, words, resources... doesn't matter as much. I am not free of sin, but you should be. You are a woman who loves other women and is willing to try loving me. Feelings are fun for me, so you should be only into feelings. Feelings are life itself, they go beyond the workplace and home, so you can't get any better than that, babes. I want women to whom I can call whatever nicknames I want to on them and they will call me the love of their lives just the same. I want a mutual bond between us as a group: yes, it will be the greatest thing ever! Wait... but I am not very selfish! I am only 30 so I still enjoy the company of my parents. I'm hoping you will be happy to talk about family with me. I'm not a child, though... and don't want to be treated like one. I respect the adult human mind more than anything else. I've said this before, mostly in my mind... but, children are not my idea of fun. I find them to be ridiculous. Like pets. So, I prefer a woman who has a strong dislike for both. Dealing with reality does not include taking care of other people's children. It's illogical. Don't fall into the trap. Yes, they are people, too, but they are completely different than us! I refuse to choose that route for my life. It's perverted. I don't want someone who is selfish in the ways of children. It just entirely lacks perspective to pity a lost child, you know. I want a life full of adults, not babies who just complain about me and who I am. I want people who can laugh with me and lounge around sensually, completely in the know. Ms. Dishonesty is who I'm not looking for.

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