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Well-behaved women seldom make history!
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  Age: 39   Gender: Female   Race: Caucasian   Location: Lakeside California United States
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  Casual, Stylish
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About Me

A bit about lil old me... I am a mom, an ex-wife, a daughter, a sister and a BFF. I have two lil' boys that are RAD and fun and kick my ass sometimes, because thats what little men do to their mamas! I get along with my ex and we do everything we can to raise our boys right, amicably and share the responsibility. If you can't handle that... move on, brotha!

I am a NorCal chic. Grew up half in the suburbs of Sactown and half on a ranch in the hills. Though I live far from my family and early friends, I am very close to all them. Try and venture 1-2 times a year up there to make some memories.

I have met some great friends here recently since my divorce (2008), that have become my local surrogate family. Very close and we are quite the social Bs! Right now I am really into playing arena soccer. Its challenging and getting me into better shape. I have a ton going on professionally, which is great! Good things are happening in my life (and I attribute it all to being blessed and karma!)

I am having a hard time connecting with a man, though. Maybe its my raw honesty? Maybe its because I don't need to be treated or made to feel like a princess, because I have already made myself the Queen in my realm. Maybe its because I am too smart? Maybe its because I am too dumb? Maybe its because I am middle class hero and have no desire to change that? Maybe its because I know how to let my hair down, but I also know there is a time and a place for it? Maybe its because I am civically responsible and have an opinion on religion, politics, economics? Maybe its because I go after what I want? Maybe its because I won't placate or enable your short-comings and bad behavior? Maybe its because I smoke? Maybe its because I don't do drugs? Maybe its because I enjoy a beer after work?

I am an alpha female, which means slim pickins for lil' old me. I have found a lot of SoCal men either want to be in control (um, fat chance with me, darlin!) or to be controlled (sorry, I don't want to be your mama!) I am a blue collar/middle class woman, and don't give a **** about your imported car or the size of your bank account. Just have a job and take care of your responsibilities! It'd be nice to find a man that can walk on his own two feet, beside me, laughing and enjoying the simple, short time we have. It'd be even nicer if you have wit, charm, great arms and can make me say "What did you just say?" in awe!

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What I'm Looking For

I am looking for an honest man, chill, responsible, not looking to play house or get married, but also not looking to serial date. Need to live within 20 miles of East County and be between the ages of 33 and 45! If you have been married before or have kids, I think that is a sign of maturity. I am a bit leary of grown men that have not made any huge mistakes in their life... usually means selfish!

No games. Keep your intentions up front. Its a big pond, and everyone knows the feeling you get when you really like someone. If it's mutual, then its serendipitous and should be enjoyed. If its a fling, then it will be just that, and no getting butt hurt about it. If there is nothing at all from either side, then it should be said out in the open. Shyness is for the insecure!

So, if ya can't tell, I am a somewhat intelligent, cute, in halfway decent shape and can take care of myself. And most importantly, I know what I want. If you are not at least equal to me in these areas of intelligence, attraction, physique, parenting style, social class and responsibility... DO NOT CONTACT ME! If you are, lets see where it goes! Destination unknown!


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