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Looking for a nice easy going woman.
Online: 1534 days ago   Updated: 1559 days ago   Joined: 1559 days ago
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  Age: 29   Gender: Male   Race: Caucasian   Location: Bristol Virginia United States
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About Me

Hi my name is Brandon I'm a 25 year old male. I'm a very nice easy going guy that don't do any types of drugs and never plan on doing any types of drugs. I respect myself enough to take care of myself and drugs is not the best way to do that. My hobbies are just video games,fooling around on this dating site that's a new hobbie I don't know of anything else at the time. My goals and aspirations are just really to become a better me and to make something out of myself one day.What makes me so much more unique is that I'm not like most guys I don't act like most guys I'm very different I'm sorta in my own on being a guy because I just find myself to be different then most guys are. I very much don't like messes and I check my clock like 5 times to make sure it's right it's a OCD thing. I'm caring I'm always thinking of others feelings I don't like to hurt anybodys feelings. I always put others before myself I'm very unselfesh. If I got money I hardly ever spend any of it on myself it goes out on other people besides myself I just don't care for spending money on things other then what I really need but more then willing to spend it on someone else to make them happy. That being said I don't like shake money off a tree I'm not made out of money but I will spend it on someone else faster then myself. That's the sorta person I am if they are happy I'm happy. I do respect woman I don't disrespect woman at all I very well respect woman. I don't believe in saying disrespectful things if I would not like it being said to me I don't say it to others. I believe in the saying treat others the way you would want to be treated and that is what I try to do all the time. I'm just on this dating site looking for a nice easy going woman that I get along with and likes me for me. If you don't like me for me then sorry. I like myself and that is the most important thing is to like yourself. If you don't love yourself then you can't love others. My taste in music is really just about anything I'm not really high up on music that much to be really picky about what I lisen too. They are certain songs I can't think of them that I would not let my dog lisen to. I have been on this dating site for a while now I have not had much luck maybe I'm just not cut out for the dating site world but it's worth a shot. I know most of the things I have said is alot more then what I needed to say but I'm a typer and full of thought. This best describes me it's hard to describe yourself in writing up least for me..

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What I'm Looking For

I'm looking for a nice easy going girl that acccepts me for who I am. Just looking for a girl to do things with that are fun.

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