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  Age: 36   Gender: Male   Race: Other   Location: Ohio United States
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  Blonde, Brown
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About Me

Alright here we go! I like to make things ... or think about making things ... I Love ideas and trying to envision in my head how things should work ( i am the problem solver at work). I enjoy random trips to steak and shake at odd times for milkshakes and breakfast!
I am a fairly large nerd and enjoy playing video games / board games / card games /watching sci fi movies / anime / going to cons (always fun to hang out with tons of other nerds and escape everything for a weekend!)
I am a pretty avid fitness buff ... i would like preface this part with saying that while i am an avid fitness buff i am by no means a "meathead" and with that said! it is hard and i spend a lot of time in the gym but, I figure if you ladies work hard to look good for us guys well then i should return the favor right! plus it will give me an edge in the zombie appocalypse =P
I realize that i am more than likely not going to find what i am looking for on this site, however it's a better chance than the bar scene that's for sure!

What I'm Looking For

I like a girl with a bit of a "gothy" side
I love a nerdy girl
I like a girl who doesn't mind being a little girly or on the flip side getting a little dirty (take that how you want it ^_~ )
I like a girl who can communicate instead of me having to ask all the time
I like a girl who doesn't mind laying in bed all day on a sunday, watch bad movies on netflix, and cuddle
I like a girl that understands that sometimes i just need a day alone with my computer to geek out and play video games allllll day


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