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  Age: 31   Gender: Female   Race: African   Location: New Jersey United States
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About Me

Mi Name = -Erica Im 19 Im bisexual please dont ask gross questions about it please...OH YEAH IF U DONT HAVE A PICTURE DONT SEND ME MESSAGES ABOUT MEETING

What Im doing with my life
i graduated 2010
I work full time starting school next year
I don't have a car right now so if we start talking and you wanna chill I'm sorry but you gonna have to come get me
I do what i want when i want to
I don't really hold back what I'm thinking or how i feel
so heyy if you piss me off i will tell you and if i feel like your being a complete **** don't get surprise if i tell you to off sorry not trying to sound like a complete ****
Other wise im a really sweet girl never had a problem with any of the parents/family of people ive dated. I Also love little kids just dont know how i feel about having any myself i dont mind if you have a kid just be truthful about it upfront about it cant believe how many people try and act like they dont have kids when they know they do really wrong in my eyes. So over all lets just be truthful with each other and i will be the coolest girl you've ever know:)

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What I'm Looking For

Just some who is a all around good person funny smart likes kids/family...like to have fun but knows when to be serious, treats girl nicely because i treat my man the same, doesnt mind trying new things...someone who doesnt think to have a good time with someone they have to spend money on everything..heyy all im saying is if you cant enjoy a nice night in with a dvd n popcorn and pjs everyonce in awhile then dont message me

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